Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Season of Visitors

The months of December and January I hosted a total of five American guests and it was amazing! The first of my guests were none other than my mom dad and bro jack. They arrived and we enjoyed a few days of relaxation and catching up on the coast. They were very excited about seeing my village but not sure what to expect. Jack said he didnt want to have to dance or have an "over the top" welcoming. My response was, "I've made a huge mistake".

The day we arrived to Banni, after a long hectic travel day involving African men carrying each and every one of us and our bags through the ocean to a small boat, we finally reached Banni on a donkey cart. In the road the village was waiting for us, with a group of Fulani musicians I had hired (sorry jack). Everyone was chanting "Welcome, Welcome" and dancing for us and shaking my families hands. I think I saw my Dads eyes glisenting a little, it was pretty powerful. We enmjoyed a few days in village with my family going on walks, eating goat, playing soccer, and working on the garden. We also went to Baboon Island for a couple days where we saw many chimps, baboons, crocodiles, hippos, and monkeys. We headed back towards the coast were we enjoyed many cold beverages and the BEAUTIFUL ocean of Kartong. Jack and I stayed in a treehouse on the beach and my parents in a mud hut, the ladder of the treehouse was a little intense! The cab ride and saying goodbye at the airport was sad, overall it was a wonderful visit, one that I know my family and village will never forget.