Saturday, August 14, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

I thought a good way to give you all insight on life here in the Gambia would be to answer some questions that I seem to get a lot or that I thought you might have... Hope all is well in the states :)

Best thing
My host family, they are amazing and treat me like family...literally

Hardest thing
The heat and "hungry season" (whic is as awful as it sounds)

My closests friend
Egudou Jallow, a hard core Fula woman who lived in our compound for the dry season

Weirdest thing I ate
Goat brain scooped out of the skull with my hosts moms 8 am

Best thing I ate
Bread sugar and sour milk mixed together and attaya

My favorite project
Girls soccer team

Biggest Challenge
attempting to meet EVERYONE in the villages needs..and everyone assuming I am rich and asking for things

Moments that make me Real Happy
When my host siblings call me Jaja (big sis) and run to me when I come home to the compound. Seeing wildlife, swimming in the ocean, everything really!

Scariest moment
When my host mother was sick

Funniest moment
when my host mother helped me bathe by literally scrubbing blue dye from my bare butt

Its about nine and a half months in and life here feels really normal, which is strange. I am really comfortable in my village with all my family and friends there and just do day to day tasks while speaking pulaar as if it were normal! I am really enjoying my service and have so many stories to tell, its hard to online! I will try again (having problems with my camera) to post pictures on my snapfish because I think it will make things more clear, pictures speak a thousand words! I think of you all constantly and love the little emails and messages you all send me! love and miss ya! peace!

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